So here we are again gearing up for another fun packed Holiday Season, but how can we not fall off the wagon and stick to our healthy eating and training plans? So the presents are wrapped, nestled neatly under the tree and Santa getting ready for his busiest time of the year

I often get asked is there are way to be able to enjoy the holiday season with all the temptation it brings without completely neglect all our fitness and healthy eating goals? The answer of course is Yes We Can Hope you enjoy these festive tips to help keep you in tip-top shape whilst also allowing you to enjoy all the parties and family gatherings that await.

Holiday Season Healthy Training Tips

With all the comings and goings during the holidays it may be almost impossible to stick to your weekly training schedule. But this doesn’t mean it should be abandoned for a couple of weeks and taken up again in the New Year. I was guilty of this years ago but I always found it so difficult to get back into the swing of things when I returned to the gym. An easy solution to this would be work through a reduced routine. What I mean by that is, say you were doing a 4 day split all year (Mon – Chest/Back, Tues – Shoulders/Arms, Thurs -Legs, Fri – Chest/Back) for example. I would modify this during the holidays and do 2 full body routines so that you can hit each muscle group twice each week. This almost takes the form of an Active Recovery Week and coupled with healthy nutrition will actually allow your body to recover and get stronger over the holiday season

What’s great about this is that when you return to your normal routine in the New Year you won’t feel like your starting from scratch and will be super motivated that you didn’t completely abandon you workouts during the holidays. Another great tip would be to take a nice 30 min stroll 3-4 times a week, this will help keep your cadio fitness up. Always leave at least a 90 minute gap after a big meal before heading out for you walk – you’ll be amazed what this little step will make to you metabolic functions and hey isn’t it great to get out with family and friends and enjoy yourself at the same time? Hell yeah it is

Holiday Season Healthy Eating – Watch Your Portion Size

With all the beautiful dishes on the menu it is important to keep portion size in mind. Calories are very important and are what ultimately decides whether we put on body fat or not. Usually holiday foods are very rich and would be higher in calories than our normal diet would be, so in fact we should have smaller portions than normal. If trying to gain muscle then it’s worthwhile to remember to keep the protein intake up. With all the turkey on display over the holidays then that shouldn’t be a problem. Turkey is a great source of protein and will help you keep on top of your nutritional needs during the festive period.
Holiday Season Healthy Alcohol Consumption

You are probably going to be surrounded by temptations in the alcohol department with all the festive parties going on. It’s important to be conscious of the high amount of calories if alcohol and should be enjoyed sparingly. Over indulgence in such empty calories over the holidays will only leave to one thing – and that’s a beer belly for us guys and unwanted body fat for you girls
It’s the Holidays so Treat Yourself

That’s right, you read that correctly – have a treat and enjoy yourselves over the holiday season. It only comes around once a year so make the most of it. I hope by keeping in mind the above tips that you will be able to able to enjoy every minute of the holiday season and enjoy your little treats – whether it be a cheeky glass of wine by the fire or some lovely warm mince pies. Everything in moderation will do you no harm but don’t go overboard. Follow these simple little tips, take some exercise and have a very Happy Holiday