Yoga brings inner harmony and promotes balance. It’s a very familiar word known to all. Almost everyone knows what yoga is and the benefits you can achieve while meditating it and used to connect with your soul. It’s derived from Sanskrit, and it means “Union with the divine.”

Yoga involves two major techniques stretching and meditating. Yoga is considered to be very old, and even some people link yoga with more than 1000 years old.

To perform yoga it is necessary to find adequate environment, people who want to gain positive effects of yoga try to find a peaceful environment free of technology gadgets and enriched with nature, but yoga can easily be practiced at home, but you should be careful with the sounds as they could distract you from meditating. You should be away from your phone and other technology gadgets. Initially, you would find it difficult to be away from all these things and to concentrate on yourself.

Choose a place at home with natural sunlight and less synthetic materials and try to use natural oils. This would help you create a peaceful environment at home. The use of yoga mats is recommended by trainers to provide extra comfort to yoga practice.

Different yoga meditation poses are defined for your ease to practice yoga at home:

Padmasana (Lotus Pose)

There are many meditations poses for beginners, but the easiest one is to sit down over a floor with your back upright and legs crossed. The posture of your hands also matters a lot, but you can choose a position with your ease. It could be your index finder resting over your thumb and both hands resting over their respective knee, or you could try with both palms crossed over each other and your arms slightly raised.

The basic element of yoga is to sit still and relax to become fully attached to your inside. By doing nothing and sit for some minutes would give you the ability to think of how good nature is and your quality of living you live. Doing so will make you capable of embracing over many things happening in your life or around you.

Vrksasana (Tree Pose)

Vrksasana, also is known as tree posture, is also one of the simplest yoga positions that can be easily practiced at home; it also provides you discipline and balance over your body. To practice, vrkasana standstill over a firm surface, and your body starched. Bring your weight over one knee and make the leg free in the air, now place your free foot near and towards inside of the other knee. Vrksasana position is very much similar to the digit 4.

When you become comfortable in this position and gain balance over the floor, bring your hands forward as you are praying in a church. Keep your body stretched and try to remain in a centered position and when you breathe, move your arms likewise but keep your hands still in prayer position. Keep practicing this for 40 to 50 seconds and try to increase the time over the days.

Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

This position is very much effective in bringing flexibility to your body and very efficient for stretching shoulders, abdomen, and spine. This increases the strength of your back, and due to stretching, it also opens up your chest effectively.

Lie down over a yoga mat, facing your head towards the surface. Bring your arms closer to the upper body and place your elbows close to the rib cage. Your feet be in such position that their top touch the surface of floor put you’re all of the bodyweights over your hands and start bending towards the back such that you lift your stomach and chest away from the floor.

Raise your head along, and you would see the ceiling above you. Remain in this position for about 45-60 seconds and start breathing as you are relaxing, i.e., inhaling and exhaling deeply. Increase the time for this asana as you keep practicing. Be careful while practicing this yoga position as too much stretching backward could make your neck muscles to pull.

Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

One of the most basic positions for yoga can also be practiced at home very easily. The main purpose of this yoga pose is to increase your stamina and bring your body to its aligned shape. To practice this yoga position, just stand over a flat surface with your weight evenly on your feet and corners of them. Your head must be raised to a 90-degree angle to your body.

Before starting, make sure that your stomach is drawn inward, and back is very straight, put your shoulders in stretched form and start breathing and as you breathe, raise your shoulders upward and on exhaling them bring them downwards.

Yoga is equivalently effective for your pains and back problems as it helps reduce your stress and endure you towards these problems best yoga meditation positions for bad backs are Cat-Cow position, Cobra position, Bridge position, sphinx position, cobra position, and locust position. Trying out these positions, even for a few seconds a day, could be a big relief for your back problems.

However, especially for your lower back pain, the positions recommended the most are Cat-Cow position, sphinx position, and Cobra position. These positions would remove tightness out of your body and provide you relief with your pain. These yoga positions would loosen out your muscles and remove cramps.

Research shows that chronic back pains could also be minimized with the help of yoga. However, yoga cannot be effective for some people suffering through back pain, or practicing yoga could bring adverse effects over your body so one should contact his/her doctor before starting yoga. If you are more determined to take yoga practice seriously, you could start with some yoga school for beginners.