In this busy life, everyone has a shortage of time and very tough to take time for the gym and do a proper workout, especially for beginners. There are different types of exercise that we can do at home, and we follow these plans thoroughly, they will have a good effect on our daily routine. I have shortlisted some best and effective workout plan for beginners that anyone can do seven days a week to make yourself ripped.

Physical activity or workout is crucial as it improves our health, reduces the risk of several fatal diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, etc. Most importantly, regular exercise can improve quality of life, but in today’s life routine, it is tough to take out time for the gym.

Exercising, in general, could be a difficult thing to keep up with due to lack of time. Sometimes full-body workout can be just what your doctor said to keep you in shape and healthier. The remedy for this problem is to perform exercises within domestic premises even when you don’t feel like doing it.

Workout at home could be done while sitting on the sofa or clearing off your center table. You could get up 15 minutes earlier before work and spend off this time in the home gym workout routine. The beauty of a home gym workout plan is that you can make your body healthier from the comfort of your home with the same effectiveness you would get at the gym.

A good home workout routine is to include squats, planks, crunches, jacks, lunges, wall sits, sit-ups, butt kicks, and push-ups in your home gym training plan.

It is essential to include and alternate between different types of exercise to ensure that your whole body gets the attention it needs and for making up the best home gym workout plan. No matter what is your fitness level is, beginner home-gym workout plan is highly effective, and it provides a full-body workout.

What exercise burns the most belly fat?

Best exercises to burn belly fats are running, the bicycle exercise, exercise ball crunch, vertical leg crunch, and reverse crunch. These are the best and effective ways to burn belly fat so you can have flaunted and well-toned stomach. These exercises could lead you to six-pack abs.

By performing 12-15 reps and 1-3 sets of these exercises, you can quickly burn all extra belly fats in weeks.

Start with more straightforward and less repetition of exercises for the first day and go for higher reps with days. 10 weeks home-gym workout plan for beginners which we propose is given below categorized in different days

Best workout plans for seven days:

  • Monday

Squats (20x),  Plank (20 seconds), Jumping jacks (35x), Crunches (25x), Lunges (20x), Wall sit (20 seconds), Sit-ups (10x), Butt kicks (10x), Push-ups (5x)

  • Tuesday

Squats (10x), Plank (25 seconds), Crunches (20x), Jumping jacks (10x), Lunges (25x), Wall sit (45 seconds), Sit-ups (35x), Butt kicks (20x), Push-ups (10x)

  • Wednesday

Squats (15x), Plank (45 seconds), Crunches (30x), Jumping jacks (15x), Lunges (25x), Wall sit (45 seconds), Sit-ups (30x), Butt kicks (25x), Push-ups (15x)

  • Thursday

Squats (35x), Plank (30 seconds), Crunches (20x), Plank (50 seconds), Jumping jacks (35x), Lunges (15x), Wall sit (60 seconds), Sit-ups (55x), Butt kicks (35x), Push-ups (20x)

  • Friday

Squats (25x), Plank (60 seconds), Crunches (30x), Jumping jacks (55x), Lunges (60x), Wall sit (45 seconds), Sit-ups (40x), Butt kicks (50x), Push-ups (30x)

  • Saturday-Sunday


It would be great if you follow cardio with the daily routine of home gym workout plan as together, this would be more efficient in burning fats and losing weight.

  • Cardio (weekly)

30-second of sprint, 35 seconds of jog (5)

35-second of sprint, 45 seconds of jog (6)

45 seconds of sprint, 60 seconds of jog (7)

50 seconds of sprint, 45 seconds of jog (8)

55 seconds of sprint, 30 seconds of jog (7)

60 seconds of sprint, 45 seconds of jog (7)

60 seconds of sprint, 45 seconds of jog (6)

65 seconds of sprint, 60 seconds of jog (5)

70 seconds of sprint, 45 seconds of jog (6)

75 seconds of sprint, 30 seconds of jog (7)

80 seconds of sprint, 45 seconds of jog (8)

What is a good home workout routine?

Depending on your fitness goals, you should consider body weight. Beginner home gym work out plan will support you in targeting a variety of muscles in your upper and lower body. Each exercise varies the targeting muscle.

For beginners, use repetitions that you feel comfortable to avoid muscle pulling. If you are uncertain of reps, use sample 1-2 with 8-12 reps beforehand. If you can efficiently perform two sets of 12 reps, go for more, and if you are struggling, go for lesser if these sample sets become challenging to stick to these sets and number of repetitions.

If you are very new to exercising and don’t know the right positions, Speak to a personal trainer who will be able to show you how to perform the exercises mentioned in the home gym workout plan correctly. This is particularly important to prevent muscle cramps and other diseases.


Before you begin with your home gym workout plan, it’s essential to warm up. This can be done by dynamic stretching. Warming up before workout helps prepare your body for a workout and prevent injuries from occurring. It will increase the blood flow in body muscles while stretching them before the workout. This will also loosen your joints.

Drink lots of water before your workout. Water gives the necessary aid to muscle strain and helps you to sweat. If you are dehydrated before you begin the home gym workout, then this could leave drastic effects on your body.

Consistency in the most critical part of a home-based gym workout plan or any workout. Do not expect results in a few days, and they won’t stay around if you do not stick around with your workout plan. Consistency would also bring routine and discipline in your life.

The main objective of the home gym workout plan is to make you healthier but not to make you look like someone else from movies or fantasy world. Everyone is unique and has different body mass from others. Some people are bulkier than others by nature, and this is entirely normal. It is essential to make sure that you feel energetic, and you are comfortable with your workout plan and feel active in your own body.

However, to keep yourself motivated and entertained, you can listen to some sweet music.

We put together a 10 week home gym workout plan for beginners to help you out, giving an overview of types of exercises you can perform at your home as working towards the goal to make your body fitter and healthier.