Healthy Eating For Weight Loss

Many people are drawn to healthy eating for weight loss reasons. This shows that you are thinking beyond the main problem, beyond the weight problem. However, maybe you don’t fully appreciate your well guided motives, perhaps your instinctive feelings, that draw you to this area as opposed to any other weight loss plans.

Type 2 diabetes is a common and serious problem for people who are over weight and have been for some time. The condition worsens with age, or how long you have had the problem. So those who are over weight are likely to succumb to diabetes sooner or later.

The medical solution is to treat the effect of the disease, by giving insulin to take daily. Although this undoubtedly helps the condition, what price does it come at – what are you setting yourself up for in the future?

Taking insulin may suit some people, but there is an alternative. And that is to treat the cause of the diabetes, rather than the effect.

Not everyone wants to make changes in their lives. People are notoriously conservative by nature. It seems everyone is happily settled in a rut, for better or for worse.

When you suffer a deterioration in your energy or your health, or when you are diagnosed with a serious, even life threatening disease, then this can shake some people out of their rut (although, sadly, not everyone).

If your condition, such as type 2 diabetes, is a result of your long term weight problem, it seems to be a sensible option to address the cause – the weight. This may be difficult for you. But you also need to think of the future. Not taking action now can lead to further, and more serious, illnesses. Not taking action now can severely interfere with your enjoyment of life, of your family. And being over weight does not set a good example to your children.

Diabetes is really just the start of the slippery slope to more and more serious diseases. Researchers in Finland have found that people with type 2 diabetes have an enormously increased chance of getting Parkinson’s disease – in fact 83% increased chance. And you can guarantee that this trend is not limited to Parkinson’s disease. Gangrene is another complication with diabetics.

The fact that you are draw to healthy eating for weight loss reasons means you have every chance of preventing serious diseases that are attributable to carrying too much weight. The likelihood of curing any weight related illnesses is also extremely high. Now take action